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The Poacher

Vital Squad Member
Can anyone provide me with a definitive date when the transfer window actually opens.
Ie:when we can let player's go & incoming player's arrive. Thanks.


Vital Squad Member
Normally news of the players being told they can leave would have been rife by now. We know players are on holiday and therefore away but interesting to have so little. Also, we are linked with a bunch of players, probably all would get in the team too. But I thought there was some talk of a ‘big’ signing coming along. Guess it’s a wait and see situation.


Vital Reserves Team
3 Under 23's released - confirmation that under-23 regulars Elvis Otim, Aaron Smith and Lewis Walters will also depart Forest.

While, at under-18 level, Choz Charlesworth, Luke McCormick, Connor Smith and Jake Willetts will also be released.

mao tse tung

Vital Champions League
Didn't realise it opened before all playoffs had concluded.

We can release players now, but typically they are mostly contracted to 30th June - not sure why.
The closing of the transfer window has been bought forward; FIFA rules stipulate that the window must stay open for a set period, 90 days I think.

Therefore the window must open earlier