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Imps To Hold Ticketing Ballot Ahead of Sunderland Play-Off Fixture


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Do we know how many people entered the ballot? Must've been nearly everyone eligible judging by the amount of people who seem to have missed out.

Everyone who did get lucky, forget where you're sitting, you're in a privileged position. You have a duty to all of those who can't be there to enjoy it and do your bit to help the team.

Let's hope more of us can be at Wembley in a couple of weeks. 🤞


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E mail had attached pdf. Was able to file/download this on phone but not otherwise process it to appear just as a scannable QR Code within the ticketing app itself. Printed off to be sure.
Note:included 'Enter via Sincil Bank 4.45 - 5.15'
We have to enter between 5:15 and 5:45


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We got the the dreaded email saying we were unlucky ☹️☹️☹️ Still see you next season 😃😃😃
Knew we wouldn't be going (took a refund) so it's roll on August for us too, unless the wonderful government allow more in than 8000 for the final.
21000 for the cup final today.


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Bit of class, that. Bravo Clive!

Different level of customer service to what I experienced from an (ex) board member when I was desperate for tickets at Arsenal.

Long may the current board continue.
You wouldn’t expect anything other than class from Clive and the board. We may be slightly better than a tinpot club to some, but to us the board are far above premiership quality (and far better morals!)
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Had an email this morning with updated tickets , regarding an error about entry point for CoOp lower 1 .( not sure if any other areas affected) original ticket had ‘Cross Street Entry’ . Now ‘ Sincil Bank Entry) Maybe worth checking emails if you’re in that area .