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I'm a Celebrity......


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Surely deserves a thread eh?

So far I know 5 out of the 10 people, which is good for me. Highlight of the show so far is watching a grown man being taught how to tell the time by a blond girl.


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I absolutely love this show.

I cannot watch x factor, or big brother thesedays, and most of the time i'm watching repeats of old stuff because the modern terrestrial channel programmes are drivel IMO (although i have, to an extent, got into Strictly Come Dancing this year).... but this, i just cant get enough of.

I didnt know who joey essex was until Sunday - but watching him chewing a camel's cock last night was TV gold in my eyes - proper laugh out loud viewing in our house.

I dont think I'll ever get bored of this show.

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I thought this thread was a bit big headed when I first saw it to be honest.

I mean, I know Wurzel is a VERY popular poster, but calling himself a celebrity... one step too far surely!? :10:

Don't watch it, too repetitive, first one or two I quite liked, now I just have no interest. But seems popular amongst the more common people...


I did look online as to who had lowered themselves this year and saw a 3 second clip of that former Sun guy Matthew...?... starting to tear up about something or other. Bit pathetic on the first day! (I was selecting from my sky+ menu hence that was on)


Oh and do alert me if there are any nice breasts please! :72:


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Steve Davis is proving that he is a really dry and funny fella, playing on the 'interesting' stigma joke.

I've always found him funny and entertaining so I'm glad he's on this as I dont watch the snooker.

Edit: Infact I hope he takes over from Phil Tufnell who has forged a career off the back of I'm a Celebrity. I find Tufnell an annoying bellend. Not naturally funny at all, just a twat who puts on a daft act, badly. Davis would be much better as a captain on Question of Sport or as an occasional One Show presenter.
I played cricket against Phil Tuffnell in the dim and distant past, good player but a complete headcase in those days.

I think Steve Davis is ok .Spitting Image gave him the "interesting" personality.

Miss Universe is very watchable as well


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Doesn't interest me! Don't like it or the likes of Big Brother.

I would have thought we would have a I'm a Vital Villan get me out of here' with JF vacation coming up :17:

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Know I understand why people are watching it...



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Brilliant this is, not seen last nights recorded it so got a double episode to watch tonight, how can anybody not like this tv show, i think that actress off Emmerdale will win it


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Brilliant this is, not seen last nights recorded it so got a double episode to watch tonight, how can anybody not like this tv show, i think that actress off Emmerdale will win it


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She didnt even get a viewing last night Guzan, let alone a speaking part.

I'm looking forward to her taking a dip in the lagoon though.


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I like I'm a celeb. Never have control of the tv remote at home and always have to amuse myself when X Factor or britains got talent is on but this is the one programme I can actually sit down and watch without doing something else. I like Joey Essex, makes me laugh.


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I thinks crap, but I hate most reality TV shows. To be fair the celebrities actually are well known, compared to normally when they are complete nobodies or someone who hasn't done anything in 25 years. I'm not sure how watching people eat penises is entertainment but thats up to them.


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Another example of lowest common denominator TV, dumbing down the world and taking money from worthwhile programmes - still, the masses seem to enjoy it. Fecking plebs.

*McGrath4Pope looks down from his pedestal, slowly shaking his head.*


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I don't care what people watch, it's what they enjoy so be it. However I reserve the right to be extremely judgemental and dismissive