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Friend with an iPad 3 (I take pity on these people for they know not what they do) is in need of a flash player, what would the good folks of Vital recommend?



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As far as I am aware Steff there is no flash support for Apple products, so there is nothing they can do. Sorry.


: )

I had heard tale of programmes that could run flash on Apple, but I trust your wisdom in this field chap, thank you.

Maybe they had one that they thought could work but it turned out to be a flash in the pan, or maybe it had a negative effect on the software, making the programming from Apple crumble, who can say.


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BodyButter - 12/2/2013 05:06

I'd recommend taking it back and getting an Android tablet.
The only problem with that is that there is no Flash support for Android either now. Yes it's possible to install directly from the Adobe archive but they won't be updating or bug fixing.


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There's no flash support for iOS. Think if you have a jail broken device you can do it but then that voids your warranty whilst its jail broken. I jail broke it once but was more hassle than what it's worth....slow....battery drain.... The OS crashing etc.


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There are several browsers which allow flash support but I can't vouch for them as I have no need.
Puffin is one, a simple google search should find them.