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I hate what the world is becoming

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
It is funny hold the disabled and the scarred are usually the baddies or dodgy characters, even in Disney and Batman type films.
It's tough mate I am not sure its that simple. My missus is a woman of colour and its opened my eyes massively.

I think the language used is part of the problem, privilege is a triggering word to some people and I can't understand why they've persisted with it because all it does it escalate the conversation and shut the opposition down.

I would personally say everyone has privilege which in a way means nobody has it. Its all differing sides, women have privilege too and being black has its privileges but my privilege as a straight white male seems to be the only one that matters. I've had these conversations with her and she often forgets one of her privileges is she is from money, her dad is minted.

The missus is a psychologist so by default she is an 'SJW'. I might be a 'straight white male' but I am an immigrant, I don't come from money and I am self-made. What got me my job was seeking out another Irish person and making a good impression not being white and educated. Those are sometimes the silly things where all context gets stripped away.
Yep, completely agree it's not that simple, that's the whole point really, even though I was a bit blunt in what I posted.

As you say, the only privilege that seems to matter is the straight white male one. Because apparently white men are to blame for all the horrors of our past, and they now need to be put in their place. Except in reality, all races were bastards at one time or another, slavery still exists around the world in non-white countries and white people were slaves once too. I don't see Hollywood churning out movies about the Barbary slave trade.

For the life of me I don't understand where the notion of male privilege comes from (in civilized society). The pay gap is a myth. What else is there? Men are bigger and stronger? That's a biological advantage, not a privilege.

It's all nonsense, and it seems to have stemmed from US and Canadian academia over the last 10 or 15 years, with the media playing along and of course social media and Hollywood throwing more petrol on the fire.
They really are boring and pretentious aren't they?

These people are too well paid and too sheltered.

I don't know the stats of how many top women directors released films this year, maybe, just maybe, there wasn't anything good enough? I can't see the organisers wouldn't want to be all pc and have a women win it.

And no black actors I'm assuming? Again, bigger problems in the world occupy my time than these ultra rich, self important actors, but some of THE biggest actors in the world are black, not their colour crosses my mind, just that they are brilliant. Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Denzil Washington, Laurence Fishburn, Forest Whittaker, Will Smith, Jamie Fox.

If they told me they had been discriminated, I'd listen. I'm not really interested in a pampered white actors opinion, if he wasn't happy, he could have declined to go.
Exactly, and many of those black actors have won Academy Awards etc. while a woman has already won best director before. Was the racist patriarchy taking a day off when they won?

And yeah, I'd much rather hear from, for instance, black actors, rather than their virtue signalling white saviours who have no idea what they're talking about.

There's plenty of black and non-white people who are sick of being portrayed as victims and being oppressed, they don't need white liberal twat celebrities fighting their corner. Almost seems racist in itself.


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This is going to sound a bit harsh.

Black people hate the word N being used. So why in their music are they allowed to use it so freely?

Jewish people make us remember the holocaust, year in year out. So why is the leader of Israel so friendly with fascist leaders Brazil and usa). They tell us about concentration camps. Palestine resembles a concentration camp.

Muslims want inclusion. But why do they have such harsh views on homosexuality. (Most religions do to be fair, apart from Anglican church of england. Where they actually have homosexual priests)

Women want equal pay in sport. (Ronaldo gets paid high cause he can generate income). A football match with 1000 spectators ain't exactly going to cover Ronaldo's wages.

For inclusion, diversity and equality to work. Some minorities in the equality act really need to pull up their socks too, as it will feed the facist argument.
Too many on the left want equality of outcome rather than opportunity. We need a meritocratic society, remove the barriers preventing equal opportunity, but we absolutely should resist equality of outcome, it sets all the wrong incentives.
I don't know which you're annoyed at JPA, the man wearing the badge or the other dopes reaction.

Why is a grown man wearing an EU badge and why is some other lad just pure ignorant and retarded.

Now if he wore a Union Jack Badge and someone moaned at him I'd have nothing to say to either of them.
Well, the guy who mentioned WW2, to be honest.

I agree, I'm not sure why someone would feel the urge to wear an EU badge, but each to their own. But the level of nationalistic ignorance on display by the other guy, who apparently understands little (if anything of WW2), is just a sad reflection of where we find ourselves in this Brexit age.