I hate what the world is becoming | Vital Football

I hate what the world is becoming

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yup, people can't look at intent these days, they just jump to the very worst conclusion.



One Bloody Number
How about between us we try and pen a new song about raping pigs and get that to No.1?

That ass on the swine was a blinder
Gonna give that piggy more pork inside her
The sight of that curly little tail
With permission or not she's getting nailed


Vital Football Legend
Radio station takes ridiculous stand to generate virtue-signalling publicity.

People click the links because they love the Metoo stuff or hate the Metoo stuff or think the Metoo stuff has gone too far.

People with common sense are outraged and push back by buying the record.

The record becomes the Christmas number 1.

Everyone is a winner.


One Bloody Number
Then I'm thinking maybe Kermit can do a little rap at this point, something about making Miss Piggy give him sexual favours in exchange for acting and singing jobs.


Vital Football Legend
I used to think that ''Oh come all he faithful'' as a very young child sung has ''oh come all he faithful, joyful and dry elephants'' :yes::rolleyes::LOL:

Is this offensive to elephants I wonder?:hmmm: