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All this bickering is pointless, end of the day we all want the same thing. Ashley to fuck off so we can get our club back but it's not going to happen with the fans split the way they are.

A concentrated organised effort to target Ashwipe and Shite Direct/Frasers Group is what's needed. Who the manager is, the players, the results don't matter. You can't protest one minute, stop after a run of form then change again after a couple of shite results.

An empty ground next to his shitty adverts is the aim. He's already shown that is what will bother him the most or he wouldn't have given away 10,000 free season tickets (Costs covered through the change in managerial and coaching staff).


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I agree UKR but I think the point that is being made in this particular thread is to highlight the futility of looking for positives in any of Ashley's appointments

To claim you oppose Ashley but then sing the praises of one of his managers is massively hypocritical and serves no purpose whatsoever


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Have at it ! Get it started then.
Tried years ago, too many excuses, sheep and wankers trying to do their own thing just to get the glory. I'm out now, don't care enough anymore, it took far too long for 10,000 to work out what was going on. Still 40,000 sheep happy to pay the fat prick.