Hymsy is so distraught


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Dear All

Apologies for bringing this up a week on, but I've been on holiday and thought I'd get back before commenting.

There are many similarities between Hyam and Shawcross (on Ramsey). Both dived in front on from some way out. Both tackles were reckless, out of control and dangerous as their momentum takes them right through their opponent. Excessive force involved and frankly every box ticked for a red card and an opponent's broken leg.

What totally f***s me off after this is the reaction afterwards, which is basically "break someone's leg and then feel all sorry for myself, as I would never go out to inflict serious injury on a fellow professional". Shawcross did it, and once Hymsy had justice belatedly served up, we had the same from him.

Well sorry "Hymsy", if you go round in such a reckless fashion, legs will be broken and you will get a reputation as a callous, classless thug.

Andy Scott is far from stupid and his tweet said it all.



Spanish Bee

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Totally agree. It was right at the beginning of the game which suggests that AJ was targeted and Hyams was under orders, so I think what he meant to say was not "I feel distraught", but “I'm distraught because I feel guilty”.


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Horrible reckless tackle from a very limited footballer, too much discussion about whether he meant it or not, as if it makes any difference. The game has moved on, some managers & players haven't. Then we get the it's all about me comments afterwards. Bad all round tbf ...


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Scott's tweet was:

"Anyone who's played knows exactly what he wanted to do with that tackle. Got ball but KNEW he'd go thru player 2"

Pretty damning..