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Humans, why do we abuse all living things?



Just watching a food program where ducks are kept in cages all their lives and forced fed until their liver is 3 times its normal size for the production of Foie gras.

The good news is that the process is banned in many countries but the French will continue this sick practice.


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We agree!


It is shocking in this day and age such barbaric practices are allowed. Did a thread on it six odd months ago and a few changed their views after watching the video.


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We always have from the moment we stopped being hunter gatherers around 10,000 years ago and started to domesticate crops and animals.

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I think what Green Tea is saying is that it's all the fault of homosexuals, everyone knows one of their disgusting practices is to smear their shaved nether regions with foie gras before licking it off. It's a conspiracy of high-ranking homos that is inflicting these practices upon poor hetero ducks.


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Back to the thread, humans are barbaric c****, no two ways about it. Our values are fucked in my opinion. There was uproar when some animal activists desecrated the grave of a (dead) vivisectionist, yet nobody gives a crap about the dispicable things they do to animals. Whilst distasteful, it's the grave of a dead man. He's dead, and beyond caring, whilst torturing sentient animals is disgusting. Torture and killing of animals under other contexts marks out the torturer as someone with the capabilities to progress to high level crimes (rape, murder, torture etc). Personally, I think anyone killing animals in an abbatoir, or maiming them in the name of science is beyond contempt.