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Quite a few of them seem to have had a bet on us winning.
Saw that, 7/1 someone said. I couldn't bring myself to bet against my own team. I rarely bet on us, as its usually the kiss of death (e.g. Notts away last season)

Strangely, no sign of anyone calling us long-ball animals. Think they are all too busy raging about their manager.
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I'm 6 foot 5" and have never had the slightest interest in knowing how tall somebody else is.

However, every time I meet someone new they feel the need to enquire how tall I am. This is promptly followed by them telling me about someone they know who is taller... again - I don't care!

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A lot of older fans are predicting a drop through the divisions similar to the early 70’s where they went from Div 1 to Div 4 in 4 seasons.
There is a chance of history repeating itself like that - the late 70s was the only time in my lifetime when Huddersfield Town was not a bigger (indeed, much bigger) club than ours, but if they want a parallel there's a more recent one.

Their hated neighbours Bradford City also stayed in the Premier League by the skin of their teeth 20 years ago then had a miserable, overspending second season after which they endured years of decline till the reached the fourth level again.

I'm surprised nobody there has brought that up :)