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How to handle Own Goals

How do you want to score the extra point from a first Own Goal?

  • No Pool Scorer

  • Own Goal (OG)

  • Pool Player that scores the next goal after the OG

Results are only viewable after voting.

UAE Seasider

Vital Football Hero
Occasionally Own Goals are scored in matches and as we have a competition point associated with predicting the first BFC scorer and it isn't covered in the official rules I think we should democratically decide how to handle this situation.

There are 2 possible scenarios that it has to cover
If Blackpool only get 1 goal and it's scored by the opposition
If Blackpool get more than 1 goal with the first scored by the opposition and another scored by a BFC player.

If the selection is No Pool Scorer then be aware that this could score a point if the game was also a 0 - 0 draw

You can all choose 1 of the options and the one that gets the most votes will be implemented (whilst I am running the league at least)


Vital Football Hero
Do what the Bookies do and if an OG it's the next scorer that counts so in this case the next pool player.

If it finishes 1-0 due to an own goal then so be it, at least nobody benefits then as nobody surely will ever predict an OG first goal.


Vital Football Legend
I think an OG should be a valid prediction but am not really fussed and happy to stand by the majority verdict. For the Sarfend game I think points could be awarded according to all reasonable interpretations prior to a definite ruling.