How to embed a YouTube video

Copy the link to the video you want to embed, your link should look something like this

What you then need to do is remove this bit


So you're left with this

Next step is to remove the full stop between the u and b so you've now got


You then need to put a = sign between the e at the end of youtube and the forward slash (/)

So you've now got


Finally you encase the above with square brackets [ ]

So you're then left with this


And you're good to go


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I need to go on to the computer (I'm on an ipad at the mo).
I need to print off instructions and practice...
As Arnie says... I'll be back...
below the video to the right you will see the word share click that and it gives you a link

copy and paste the link to your post

remove the https: put a square bracket [ in front of the Y

take out the full stop between the u and b

put an = sign after the e in youtube

put a ] after the last letter.

press submit
Just looked on my iPad it shows an arrow right if you have that it will give you a drop down box and a highlighted link copy and paste that and then the way BD shows in the post