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How old is Apollyon?


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Yet more fine work this afternoon chaps. Is there anything better than getting home from work, getting a cup of tea and sitting down to read through the day's posts?

It is obvious why this is the number 1 thread on the Vital network. 175 pages of love, laughter, unbridled joy and of course plenty of fisHcake patter (although as I always say, I would much prefer a fisHcake platter!)

Sometimes I like to go back to a random page from years gone by and read through all the posts again. It really shows how we've all evolved and changed as people. Sure there have been fall outs and bumps in the road along the way, but it's great to see why what fine people we have all turned into.

I'm rambling chaps and it's bringing a tear to my eye just typing this. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm proud to call you all my best friends in whole world.

Keep up the good work fellas and let's get to 200 before easter!
This historic post has got me very emotional chaps.Beautiful post chap.How was the walk though chap? Cracking post...well done chap! Bonjour.