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How old is Apollyon?

Morning you sick vile freaks.

What a start to the morning chaps. After weeks of negotiations we have managed to secure both toms and ITTO as guest speakers at the Monday's Triple M. They will each be giving a presentation on how Brexit will affect Vital Forest, Off Topic and off course the humble fisHcake, followed by a head to head debate.

I for one hope things get very heated and WILL be masturbating under the table the whole time. Will you all be joining in? WELL WILL YOU?

Now it's fisHcake friday. What are you doing reading this garbage and why aren't you down the chippy?!

Je Suis Frontiers!!


Vital Champions League
I went to Manchester last night chaps. Had a cracking fishcake at The Lowry. I have never been in an hotel with so many prostitutes in such a small space. It was crawling with them and distracted me from my veritable feast.