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How Many Points


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Can't quite believe the game what I've just watched. Palace battered, absolutely battered in the second half and get a winner at Brighton in the 95th minute. 1-2 the final score


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We'll need 10 points from last 13 games to be safe. We have 8 points from the last 14. Hard to say if we can get any worse but Bruce seems to manage to outdo himself with negative stats. Looking at the "winnable" games doesn't fill me with confidence either as managers don't even need a team talk against us we're that bad. Doesn't look good just have to rely on Fulham being worse and recent form doesn't bode well either.


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Looking at the team closest to us in the bottom 3 and maybe it could be said that they have played a blinder in the loan market. Fulham started their recent game against Sheff U with 6 players who are on loan and even brought on a 7th as a sub. It appears to be having a change of fortune in their results and points tally.


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Can't for the life of me see us getting anywhere near 40 points to secure Premiership status. What I would be narked with is the final day game at Fulham being make or break. I would rather be in Div 1 with an owner who doesn't bleed the club dry (it has already been achieved) than go on like this. I'm p*ssed off the way it's going. I want to see someone lose some serious money.

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3 teams in relegation battle Newcastle, Brighton and Fulham.
Newcastle look to have the hardest fixtures but who can tell with the topsy turvy Premier League.
Goal difference closed after Fulham's 3-0 loss.
Next 3 games for Fulham look winnable Leeds, Villa and Wolves then a difficult run in.
Difficult run ins for Newcastle and Brighton makes next weeks clash crucial.


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3 points from a possible 15 and not a win amongst them. We are down now and have been for weeks. Injured players won't be in any rush to return and the team will meekly go down without a fight.