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How Do We Complete Season 2019-20? - Solutions Thread


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How about they don't do the European club competitions next season to create more time to fulfil this season's fixtures and compress next season without moaning about too many games. Pretty sure those affected will understand that they have more ability to withstand the financial loss than this affected by stopping the league cup


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Average points per game from the games played this season gives you the completed table. It's very unlikely we can complete this season without severe complications. Every team is where they deserve to be after 35 games anyway.

Start the next season with the resulting promotions and relegations as when it's possible.
That seems a sensible solution. Teams at the bottom will bleat that they would have escaped relegation, and teams missing promotion will claim they would have made it, but that is entirely subjective.

Alternatively, the teams with games in hand play the outstanding games behind closed doors so that every team has played the same number. In League One, Sunderland and Ipswich have played 36 games, fourteen have played 35 (including Lincoln), and seven have played 34; therefore it wouldn't take too much effort to play the outstanding games and call it a season at that point.

Playing the full season behind closed doors would be slightly ridiculous; it would create an unrealistic atmosphere for the players, so the results would perhaps be skewed in that sense, and it would increase the spread of the virus amongst players, referees and essential club staff. That seems entirely pointless to me.

The financial damage done to smaller clubs will inevitably see some fall by the wayside. If this is the end of the season, League Two will look quite different whenever football recommences.


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Football is awash with huge amounts of money in the Premiership and their players obscene wages. Completely wasting typing here but they should have a fund to cover the lost income of Clubs further down the pyramid until they can play again (but not pay off their accumulated debts ). Think thanks to the 24 hour media we are over reacting , but we are where we are, end the current season now, and reset for next August. There will be winners and losers of course but whatever the outcome this is inevitable. UTI.


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Darragh MacAnthony's take on things:

"I know everyone is 'oh cancel the season' - we need to calm down on that. We are a long way from that. The season has to be finished for the integrity of our game.

"It can be done even if we have to delay next season and push it further down the line. That's the only solution.

"Cancelling leagues, promotions, relegations is just not feasible because when this virus passes and normal life resumes that will just be a lot of lawsuits."


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That just smacks of a 'journalist' not really considering that there is more to football in this country than the Premier League.
Would the Championship run with just 22 clubs for a season meaning no team from our division goes up which would then have to be replicated in League 2 and the National League. How do they align our division back to 24 teams
Alternatively if they promote the top 2 from our division into the Championship and the top 3 from League 2 into League 1 that would then require 3 teams from the National League coming up thereby creating a 94 team Football League for the 20/21 season.
Or do they reduce League 2 to 22 teams causing those clubs to lose out on badly needed gate money for a season
Smacks of bollocks to me
It's a horrible thought but do they expect that a number of teams are going to fold because of finances and there will be no problem filling the 'lesser' leagues with what is left.


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It's a horrible thought but do they expect that a number of teams are going to fold because of finances and there will be no problem filling the 'lesser' leagues with what is left.
Macclesfield and Southend obviously in dire trouble even before this came along.
Would not be surprised if we lost Macclesfield before the resumption and maybe both of them.
Who knows which other clubs might fail?

A lot of Scottish League clubs could especially be imperilled, they run in a crisis situation most of the time.
If the scientific projections are correct my guess is that the season will have to be voided.

The Aus v NZ one day series is an interesting precedent. They were intending to play the whole series without crowds but cancelled after the first game. If professional football had tried to do the same thing it would have almost certainly also been stopped straight away. I can't see that idea coming back any time soon.

MacAnthony may believe lawsuits will be filed but I think they would be less successful than any lawsuits filed by clubs who do not want the season to end under contrived conditions.
Football like every Industry will take a beating. I think most clubs will survive as long as they get the help of the Govt and HMRC but Business Plans are going to be badly affected. You would have to assume the Stacey West extension is now under real threat.

Some interesting views and anecdotes on this thread about the virus itself. Any time someone catches this horrendous ailment and survives it is a blessing but we all know the most at risk groups.
It will be interesting to see how, over time, we balance handling that with the self interest of those who are the most mobile and least affected health wise & also with the self interest of those who are the most affected financially.
Lets see what uefa do on tuesday. Most people are saying that they will push the euros back to 2021, but they could push it back to the summer of 2022 instead.
2022 is a World Cup year albeit it will be played in Nov/Dec. However, it is still highly unlikely that the Euros and the World Cup will take place in the same year. Its a racing certainty that the Euros will be pushed back 2021, I have no doubts about that myself.

Dependant on how the current situation plays out and if the Euros are postponed to 2021, it would possibly give a window of opportunity to complete the domestic season during June/July/August. with maybe a later start to the 2020/21 season. This could be assisted if the remaining cup competitions were scrapped.

I would be very surprised if there was a resumption to this season before mid May at the very earliest.
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Surely there must be something written into the EFL rules to cover something like this happening.? But then again it wouldn't surprise me if there isn't.

collingham imps

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Piece from Rooney in the papers today about the season being extended to Sept and the new 2020/21 season starting from December 2020 - extending the close season by about 5 months


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Piece from Rooney in the papers today about the season being extended to Sept and the new 2020/21 season starting from December 2020 - extending the close season by about 5 months
what we footy fans need is 12 months continuous football.........January through to December,would suit me down to the ground let`s get rid of this close season rubbish.
Might have big trouble convincing my wife that this is the perfect option and her month in Italy will in the future be a solo journey but with this virus causing travel chaos into Europe then it might still work in my favour?
Just one thing these games that are delayed do in the end need playing(physical activity 11 men v 11 men) and anyone settling the issue with mean average point allocations must have been on the wacky baccy!
If the end of the season has to be delayed a year then the process has be finished with integrity not some ponce with a calculator deciding promotion and relegation in the darkened backroom of EFL headquarters.


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Chinese eating pangolins and bats making a nasty disease would be hard to find in any rules. The revenge of the pangolins !
Couldn`t find a bag of rice let alone a pangolin on the shelves at Asda or Tesco today.
Joking aside i came across an interesting video on the coronavirus symptoms and it does make reference to the Chinese meat market and those infected at the early stages of diagnosis had all been to the meat market.

further interesting vid just placed in the non footy section.........explaining how coronavirus kills...............for those interested........full clarity on the matter.

I`m like you of the opinion we can all have a good intentional chat about the pandemic interspersed with the odd scientific facts.
Apologies if i have bored the crap out of you.
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