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How Comic Relief invests millions in arms, tobacco and alcohol:

Wayhey a charidy thread!

Comic Relief was yesterday accused of misleading donors by investing millions of pounds raised during televised appeals in tobacco, alcohol and the arms industry.


This has been rumbling on for a interesting what proof they have.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)

Millions of pounds donated to Comic Relief have been invested in shares in tobacco, alcohol and arms firms, BBC Panorama has learned.

It includes £630,000 in shares in arms firm BAE Systems and more than £300,000 in alcohol manufacturer Diageo.

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To be fair, I believe that the money was invested into large, externally managed funds in order to make the most of peoples donations. Before people get too enraged they should consider the fact that if they have a bank account, a pension etc... then they are probably allowing their cash to be invested into the exact same 'unethical' businesses. To be honest I don't really see a problem with them investing in alcohol (and I'm on the fence on the tobacco to be honest) as they a freely available, legal commodities though there are some obvious conflicts in the fact that Comic Relief works with charities concerned with alcohol abuse and tuberculosis. Comic Relief do a lot of good work - lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Maybe a better investigation would be into why, as we move towards 2014, we as a species have only advanced to a point where the best investment opportunities lie in the tools of war.


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ive never given to this charity as i always belived it never went to the right place.

Even if it did go to the right place though id rather my money go to children in need.