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How can I increase my wifi strength?


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Lots of users logging onto the net in my house. Well I say lots some nights can be four or five laptops or iPads type devices and more often than not an X Box.

Is home plugs the way forward?
For the devices you can, use the home Plugs. I gave in recently, and bought some. They really are good.

Wifi is flaky, no matter what Router etc you've got. Also, advertised speeds are very rarely achieved.


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Have a look at this site Skeggy. They are neutral and give you some ideas of boosting your wi-fi before spending. Hope it helps


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Is it your wifi strength at fault or your bandwidth? For instance if all devices connect OK, and don't disconnect then it is probably more to dowith the fact that you dont have enough juice to supply all your users. The only way to improve that is to upgrade your subscription to fast package 10 mbps or faster, or put in a second broadband line. Of course you could limit who uses the broadband and when.


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Yes well forgive me but most people don't know there arse from their elbow when it comes to WiFi, and from your description I would say that fits the bill. Your standard router can handle 255 devices on one router no problem, as long as they are all in range. Good luck.


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Get WiFi analyser app on your phone and check that there aren't any nearby networks bleeding over yours on adjacent channels. If there are move your channel on the router to an unoccupied channel.