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How big is the gap?


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Just thinking about some of the comments from pundits I have read along the lines of "it will take 4 or 5 years of investment for Newcastle to challenge at the top end of the league".

You know I am not sure about that. As it stands we haven't got anyone who can score goals in ruthless fashion and a manager who, in my humble opinion, is tactically inept. That said we are 13 points off 4th place having lost 12 games and drawn 8. Surely if we just had a decent striker we would have won 4 or 5 of the drawn games and drawn 2 or 3 of the lost games?

I remember when we got stuffed by Leicester (fucking Leicester!). We made them look like Barcelona but I remember thinking if we had Vardy and a decent manager we would be just as good.

Me I reckon 2 or 3 world class players and a top manager (please not Rafa) and we should be challenging around the top 4 next season. 2 or 3 more players and..............dare to dream.

Of course the takeover could still go tits up. Lets hope not.


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two world class strikers can make a massive difference to an average squad

pair them with St Maximin and who knows
And that is the problem, the BIG names will not come until at least 1 full squad rotation, to take us into the top 6.

I agree in the main the PL is gash, 2 teams maximum, Liverpool, and Man City are above the rest, catching them will take time, my best guess would be 3 seasons, unless, they come back to the pack, with a lack of investment???
The fact that the turnover of teams at the top of our game changes quite regular tells you the gap isn't as big as it seems. As Leicester have proven, if you are allowed to be run without shackles or to the best of your ability then you can dream.

With Ashley here, it has been nowt but nightmares.