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Honey Trap

I'm quite pleased with that, originally I was just going to go with 'what the fuck!'


The 35-year-old - known as Hasse - was discovered with 146 stings on his body, of which 54 were on his genitals.

He was left so bloated by the fatal incident, neighbours mistook him for a whale carcass when they saw his inflamed body lying on a lawn.




Unfortunately it turned out the story was a fake from a satirical news website in Sweden called Nyheterna Sverige, which was kindly pointed out by a number of our readers.

The original story was spawned from animal rights campaigners who were worried about the wellbeing of hornets.

However, the joke got lost in translation - as well the names of those involved. The neighbour's name translates to erection and the fetish expert is called genital.

Thankfully this means a man named Hasse did not get stung to death by hornets after trying to have sex with their nest, and his semen was not found on dead wasps.