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Home attendances average.


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It's definitely possible but I think to average over 9,230 in the last 8 matches is quite a tall order.

Stevenage should be around 9,200 - 9,300
Exeter is a Tuesday night so I reckon that will be more like 8,200

The only ones after that that will will bring reasonable away attendance are Oldham and Tranmere so you are looking to get in over 9,000 Imps for the other remaining matches.

As I said definitely possible but I think we might just come up a bit short even if we stay atop of the League. Still fantastically amazing though!


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Including the Exeter play-off semi-final:

50 successive gates over 5,000
46 successive gates over 6,000
43 successive gates over 7,000
4 successive gates over 8,000*
3 successive gates over 9,000

* The blip being the game against exciting Morecambe on a terrible day.


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It might be tough to crack 9000 on Saturday, Stevenage will bring 300 less than Northampton.

It looks like potentially 350-400 already sold in the Stacey West for Saturday as part of the twin bundle deal and individual sales. Realistically need another 750-800 sales before Saturday.


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Just to update you all following the 2-2 draw with Stevenage, the required average for us to reach 9,000 for the whole season is now: 9,258 for our last 7 games.