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Holidays in France!


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Anyone frequent France?

Was thinking of going to either Nice or Monaco for 5 nights late July and wondering if anyone has been before and whether they would recommend it?

If not their any better places in France to go, obviously Paris is under consideration as well but South of France just seems a bit more attractive and looks like can get deals for about 4/500..

If you do recommend there is there any places I have to visit, just looking to get some ideas!


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Provence, Nice, Cannes, all that area is fine if you like tourists, kitsch, and being flagrantly ripped off, fleeced and swindled. Mind you, Las Vegas seems to be a popular destination with many on this site so there's obviously a demand for that.

Avoid Paris, Provence, Dordogne and you won't go far wrong. I live in the Ariège, which is a bit like the highlands of Scotland but with sun and better food. It's great for walking, cycling, climbing, outdoor stuff. But if you like night-life and trendy bars and clubs, forget it.


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We drove down to South Langeduoc and the Carmargue for two weeks for (the last two years respectively). Cycling, weather, wine, vineyards, castles, restaurants, beaches..

Lot's of places to stay off the beaten track (gites), but within striking distance of places see.


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Depends what you`re after Iniesta.
We went to Le Cap d`Agde,which is on the south west coast,just below Marseille 6 years running.Beautiful weather,beautiful food ,a few other english families,who all seemed to have been going to the same place for donkey`s years.The kids loved it,which is why we kept on going back,but you`re 21 now,so i doubt any of that interests you :17:


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The only problem I have with france is the french. they are the stinkiest, most arrogant, slimy, camp, weedy fuckers on the planet.

The women are hairy and ugly

oh and the food. very overated, smothered in garlic and/or onions. And their cheese is shite compared to ours.

and their shit cars

their sport is second rate

their music and television is appaling

they have an overated opinion of themselves when it comes to art - they cant draw, paint or sculpt for shit.

and they've never thanked us for saving their yellow arses in the war.

I'd stay in England mate.


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I used to visit France a lot to see the Norman medieval architecture. Brittany and Normandy were my favourite areas. We went to the South coast once for the sun. The food is shit, I agree with that :p but at least they call a horse meat burger a horse meat burger.
We went to a place in the South of France with my sister and her family about 6 years ago and the camp site owners were the most bad tempered miserable people god put on earth , anyway my sister asked for something or other to be provided and the woman sounded off in French clearly not happy .

Little did she know that my sister speaks fluent French and answered her back in French , her face was an absolute picture.

She was calling us English pigs who sleep with their parents etc.

We never went back !!!


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Jeez, not the greatest of reviews aha!

I'm just looking for a relaxing place to go with some decent sights to go see and some decent weather!

Did my lads holiday last year so looking for a more refined holiday this year!

Rome is one that intrigues me, so does Athens.

Just don't know! Families never been one for holidays abroad so I'm pretty clueless!


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Languedoc is a good shout, the area around Perpignan. Huge beaches, good climate, loads of sights (Collioure, for example) good cheap wine, bars and night-life in Perp.


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They also have the best free health care system in the world, so if you're planning to get ill, do it in France and do it quick because they won't be able to afford it for much longer.