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Holidays 2014 what are your plans?



Are you going on holiday this year? If so where are hoping to go..

Im looking for ideas and in two minds whether to book a cruise or not.


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Currently bacpacking around the Baltic states...Estonia, latvia and lithuania....bloody freezing. The coldest has reached -21. Worth it though because the scenery and atmosphere is amazing.
Off to warmer climates in March. Hong kong and then Thailand.


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Dunno yet.We`re going to go somewhere hot and sunny,with a pool,a beach and a bar in about May/June,then again in September.When we get there,we`re gonna do absolutely nothing.Chill,relax and enjoy.
Or as my daughter says,we`re gonna be a couple of boring old farts.
Strolling up and down a beach,stopping off for a beer whenever we please.Hiring a jetski and a boat,tanning and chatting and getting drunk together.Generally doing what we couldn`t do when we were younger bringing the kids up with no money.
Can`t wait !
Probably a spanish island or a Greek island.Anywhere where it isn`t pissing down all day !


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Two weeks in Spain next month includes couple of days skiing, 3 weeks in Spain in summer, maybe another 10 days in November

That'll do for a start !


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3 weeks in Katelios/Kefelonia as the usual in June. Before the yelling starts again (not that I have to explain) it cost us no more for 3 weeks than 2, so it's a no brainer.

Then the end of September/beginning of October we are hoping to go out to see my Daughter and her other half in Canada. My Son in Law has just finished his training as a an airline pilot so it is cheap tickets for us for ever

I love my son in law :17:

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Thank you for asking Mr Tea because I've only mentioned it an insufferable four times so far in the interesting thread :3:

I've rebooked to the same place in Egypt that I went to last November. Going in May before it gets insufferably hot. Two weeks in my own blissful company. Did it for a week last year, hoping two will be even better...and for no dodgy belly!!

And if all goes well, I might return again in November. When I say might, I mean I will!


Was going to be buying our own Static this year but been a problem with me grandads pension company going bust been a right game to sort out what he left us all still not sorted, so my cousen and her fella have a static down Brean in Sommerset going to go down there in the summer for a week with the kids looks lovely, not sure about the sea though lol


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I shall be doing my usual week in Weston Super Mare in July. People always think I'm joking. I'm really not. My mum lives in Weston, so it's a family duty/holiday thing.

Brean is just down the road, so if I see someone riding a donkey naked down the beach with balloons tied to his dick I will know it will Clive :)


I fancy a cruise of Italy and the Greek isles, never done a cruise before so im still in 2 minds about it. I like the idea of a cabin with a balcony so I can just sit back, read a book and have a drink or two. And at the same time you get to see a few places all on the one holiday. The only down side is that I dont want to be on a boat with a load of screaming kids, or have to queue up for everything(like embarking and dinner etc). So im looking for a smaller cruise with that bit of luxury thrown in...

Will be interested hear views from fellow VV that have been on a cruise holiday themselves.


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Be very careful about buying a static.

My parents had one in the same area. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice place to go for the four or five years we had it, but it is a licence to throw your money away.

First, ground rent. Started at 500 quid a year, within 4 yrs that was 2200 quid - and there is nothing you can do about it.

Obviously the purchase can set you back anything from 20-50k for a start. Then they lose value the same as a car. The park owners also have it written into contracts that you have to keep them below a certain age, they also write in you can only sell it to them, again, at a ridiculously low fee.

It got to the stage it was costing my mum and dad £90 a week just to keep it, whether they used it or not. It's not a nice feeling sitting at work thinking, I didnt go last week or this week - thats nearly £200 down the drain !.

Then you have the practicalities. As I say, for 4 yrs it was fantastic. However, the problem is the good old british weather (and lack of sea !). The first few years are lovely, as,when it is cloudy / raining you can do Wookey / Cheddar, Clovelly, Watchet, even go further afield like Lyme Regis etc...

There comes a point when you have done them all, and you travel down there to sit in a caravan doing a jigsaw when it rains.

honestly, SERIOUSLY look into it - it isn't the paradise it seems.

Now, what we did was bought an apartment in Spain for CHEAPER than a caravan. The weather is always hot, I can always go in the swimming pool, or sea. I relax most the time I am there, and you have a whole country to explore.

And the good thing, we bought whilst Spain are in recession (still are). When we do get bored, we can sell it and not make any loss (won't make much profit, their tax laws are more strict than ours - but we won't lose (already gone up 10k) and it will basically mean we would have had free holidays for the duration.

Wit the mortgage, and ALL running costs it is around £2200 per year, so basically, if we go once, it is paying for itself as that is cheaper than a two week holiday ! - any more is a bonus !

Up to you, but hope this helps
We shall go to our static caravan in Barmouth loads and loads. If the weather is good we just jump in the car and go for the weekend .

Got lots of friends on the site as well so it always a good social meet up .

We love it I have been going there all my life so it holds some lovely memories as well.


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My holidays will revolve around my mates I think I want to do some typical American stuff but I might let take a back seat for other stuff...

Id love to go to New Orleans and maybe something in the Caribbean or Mexico...

My weeks will be full of debauchery though... :9:


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A few lined up, nothing booked but planned.

A long weekend in Devon in May time.
A week in Dubai in July.
A week in the Canary Islands in October.


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Going to Ireland for a long weekend in April to visit family - my Gran hasn't met my youngest daughter yet, she's 88 (the Gran not my daughter!) and can't travel so I like to get over with the family and see her.

Then in July it's two weeks at my parents holiday home in France which is a godsend as we wouldn't be able to afford a holiday abroad otherwise. We've got our own pool, bar, games room so other than the travel costs we can moderate spending by cooking ourselves and entertaining ourselves at 'base-camp' - not that we would be hitting the bars with a 2 year old and 1 year old anyway! Myself, my wife and the two girls for one week before some friends will join us for the second. Can't wait!


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Totally around the kids and family, as we live out here in Brussels. Driving down to St Tropez in the summer for two weeks.

Might get some crabbing action in Scotland in March


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Been invited to a wedding in Tuscany in June, so we're going to go over for 8 nights and try to fit Rome in as well. I've been to Rome before and love it. My favourite of all the major European cities, much better than Paris and London.