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Hold the front page...Fellatio is illegal in the US!!!!!!!!


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Well now things have just gone too far. Forget the gay marriage thread, forget football, forget economy and poverty.

Fellatio is illegal in 11 US states. WTF!!!!!!!!!!

If this happens over here I will be marching on parliment flaming torch in hand! (No it wasn't meant as a euphemism)

Now is the time for people to rise up and stop the powers that be.

FFF - Fight For Fellatio!

The brilliant David E. Kelley has taught me many things in life, not least now to write the best series on television. But I never expected to learn about fellatio from him.

But sitting in the UK tonight, watching a repeat episode of Harry’s Law, this is what I learned from the character Harry (Kathy Bates): fellatio is illegal in Georgia.

Geez! They even know how to spell it there?!

I was gobsmacked. Actually, that’s a bad word. I can doubtless be arrested even for uttering a word that smacks of (oh god, there I go again) . . . of lips . . . or things they might do.

Not only is it illegal in Georgia, it is illegal in 11 other states, including Florida. That’s the one that distresses me the most (there are a lot of blokes there. All off my list now. Sorry, guys).

So, here’s what I learnt from Google:-

Georgia code section 16-6-2 provides a 1 to 20 year mandatory sentence for any adults consenting to "any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another" (The latter’s okay; I can do without the crusties). Married couples are not excluded from this law.

Most states have repealed the law but it is still illegal in the following:

North Carolina
South Carolina
Puerto Rico


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Well, all I can say, being married to an American, is that I was under the impression that it was compulsory :14:



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HeathfieldRoad1874 - 8/2/2013 09:54

It's an unnatural Act, so should be banned Worldwide. God did not create the mouth to pleasure men!!!!

Well he most certainly didn't create mine for it so I am forced to agree with the honourable gentleman.