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High Street Stores & Other Businesses At Risk

Pride of Lions

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After Toys R Us and Maplins going into administration earlier this week, it's now being reported that Mothercare have entered talks with banks.

Are they the next high street name to take a tumble?


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Even the likes of Marks And Spencers (just how stuck in the 80s do they seem? Awful store, I can't understand anyone going in there, also can't understand why people rate their over priced food! They are closing the Redditch Kingfisher branch, been there years.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Was talking to a neighbour who was an accountant, he said that some of these were bought by private equity firms who ramp up the debt, charge interest and avoid tax.

I'm sure we'd discussed it before. There are loopholes that the Government (s) could have closed years ago but haven't.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Homebase have struggled for years.

Trouble is so many of us now buy a good % of what we'd have gone to the shops for years back, off the internet.

And as you say Fulford, some of these shops just haven't kept up.


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Silhillvilla - 3/3/2018 16:05

Homebase aren't in a good place
Sainsbury's overpaid for Argus , ridiculous move imho
The one thing that I'll say about Sainsbury's and Argos is they have moved ours into our local supermarket and now we don't have to pay to park in town and we can get items up until 10pm.

Melon Donkey

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The Fear - 3/3/2018 15:09

And Prezzo in trouble.

Yes . Surprising that but out of the 'generic' Italian restaurants of this type like ASK and Pizza Express I think Prezzo is better.

Got some Clubcard vouchers to use for Prezzo as well best get on

Melon Donkey

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Fulford - 3/3/2018 18:24

I hope pets at home don't go.

They are the only place to sell the cat food that we have to give our cats
I think i'm keeping Pets at Home afloat on my since Melon pooch arrived 8 months ago.

In all seriousness i can't see them going under.Think they have got things covered and not many alternatives. Prices match online as well. We buy a 15 kg bag of a certain mid range dry dog food for melon pooch and i cannot find it cheapers elsewhere. Free delivery aswell.