'He's top of the league'

The most clinical Premier League player in terms of minutes per goal after 10 games, take a bow Raheem Sterling( he's already equalled his tally for league goals last season) .

DeBruyne is receiving all the plaudits at the minute, rightly so but lest we forget the contribution others are making too, most notably Sterling, as it was his goals against Everton and Bournemouth that kickstarted this fine run.

It's rather pleasing to see him stuff the words down the throats of his detractors, long may it continue.

Good piece here on the absurdity of the treatment he gets.

"What's your favourite Raheem Sterling story? Maybe it's the one from this time last year when the Sun revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant and she had "shown off her baby bump" by, unsurprisingly enough, wearing a Manchester City jersey to a Manchester City game with 'Sterling 7' on the back of it.

Sample line: "A source said: 'The shirt was clearly a statement to show she was having a baby and she was saying, 'Raheem's the Daddy'." "



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For me the winger on the other flank is a tad better, but there is no doubt Sterling is improving in two key areas, not losing the pill and popping the ball into the net. I hope he enjoys major success with us and with England over the next few seasons.


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Bluedub - 31/10/2017 22:34

I think Sane has more poise and grace but Sterling is every bit as effective in his own way.
I would add pace, but yes Sterling is very effective and can improve at 22?


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johnkelv - 1/11/2017 00:57

Bluedub - 31/10/2017 22:34

I think Sane has more poise and grace but Sterling is every bit as effective in his own way.
I would add pace, but yes Sterling is very effective and can improve at 22?
Still years from his peak. Don't think there's any difference in terms of pace, Sané glides and Sterling scampers but there's very little between them in terms of pace.


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Love media watch from football365

Scroll down on this link to see them calling Neil Ashton out for his bullsh1t

Raheem Sterling's record at Man City:

2015/16: 47 apps, 11 goals
2016/17: 47 apps, 10 goals
2017/18: 17 apps*, 11 goals.

He's scored in each of our last 4 CL fixtures :005:
I think it because he is settled and obviously playing in a settled side that can actually play beautiful football and has an eye for goal and has already equalled his best for any season and hopefully many more to come.


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With Sane and Sterling on the flanks it makes me hark back to the 70's when we had Tueart and Barnes in tandem, just need a Joe Royle type figure (Andy Carroll?) in the middle to make it all complete.

Here I go banging the Sterling drum again. He just keeps producing the goods in the tight games. That's Bournemouth, Everton and now Huddersfield where his individual contribution has led to us winning five points, his desire and fight have gone up a notch this season.

As an aside, looking at yesterday's game the pursuit of Sanchez becomes a lot more understandable. Like Sterling, he will run at them packed defences from a standing start, commiting defenders and causing them problems.

Sometimes there's no space to thread them neat through balls in behind so this type of direct running is needed.
So pleased for the lad. He has found a coach who is improving him every day.

I wonder what reception he will get when he turns out in an England shirt next summer? Will the boo boys and the Scouse Media Mafia resume their campaign to denigrate him and deride his decision to move clubs?

Raheem Sterling
Proof that we continue to overlook the human side of footballers. As we watched Sterling miss two glorious chances before scoring his two goals on Saturday, we wondered whether the discussions over his composure under pressure would resurface.

And then you find out that, on the morning of the game, Sterling was subjected to a physical and verbal racist attack, and rather than criticise him for those finishes you applaud him for even having the resilience to take part in the game.

The kid is 23, for goodness sake. He’s been abused for wanting to leave a football club and he has been vilified by a section of the media that would prefer to ignore that their words and editorial stance play a part in incidents like the one on Saturday morning. The drip feeding of racially motivated treatment only emboldens those who wish to express their abhorrent views.

And now Sterling comes out the other side smelling of roses and as a key part of one of the greatest ever Premier League teams. It isn’t bias to want him to succeed and rub those mucky tabloid noses in the dirt; it’s human nature.

Absolutely BD - he has withstood the most abhorent abuse fuelled by the media's decision to pander to the scouse masses whose fundamental insecurity about their own self-worth and sense of entitled superiority took a massive hit when the lad decided he wised to pursue his career elsewhere. They have contributed in no small part to the creation of a climate where moron's, unable to deal with his successful demonstration of his talent, feel that it is in order to abuse and attack the guy in public.

I trust that he is getting the utmost support fromthe club and he needs to be shown unwavering support by the fans. Just as KDB showed on Saturday when he stuck it to Spurs after the cowardly assault by the despicable baby Alli, he needs to continue his progress as one of the country's brightest talents - keep sticking them in the onion bag Raheem!
I don't know if the scum that did this were caught but I very much hope so and that they are severely dealt with.
What's the world coming to FFS?