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was it really him at the game yesterday or a complete look alike if it is really him i feel we are in for some good times once again onwards and upwards if it is the cheng family now taking over that is really remarkable and fantastic for the future of our club and great work from garry cook once again like he did at city
but before i get too carried away i will wait and see when its on the front page of the press or back page
like king dezeeuw said might just be a guest yesterday


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I think it's probably best to wait for official confirmation before identifying individuals involved in the process and their net worth - could easily just be a look alike!

...It would certainly be exciting if it was him though!


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Mr Yan Min Zhang is the 62-year-old CEO of International Entertainment Corporation, being promoted to the role in July 2018 having served as the company's executive director since May 2017.

Doing a little more digging, Zhang is also the Chief Operations Officer of Goldenway Capital, a Hong Kong firm that acted as Swansea City's shirt sponsors from 2013 to 2016. In the 15-16 Premier League campaign, their deal with Goldenway netted them £4 million across the season, the 12th most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the league that year.

Doing even MORE digging on our new friend, there is a website I've found that lists his key associates at IEC, one of whom is a certain 'Chiu Fai Cho' - more commonly known as Dr. Stanley who is chairman. Another key associate and seemingly one of the major players is Chi Kong 'Adrian' Cheng, the 38-year-old son of Henry Cheng who is on the board of directors.

I think this proves that there is still clearly a key link between the Cheng family and IEC, and that they haven't completely disassociated with the company after selling off their majority stake.
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As i suspected it now seems it was not Mr Cheng in the photo but a Mr Zhang according to a hong kong football website
Zhang (IEC CEO & board member) was the man sat next to Cheng. I’m assuming Cheng was there as Zhang’s (IEC’s) guest. No doubt trying to persuade him to come on board/invest. If that’s the case we have to hope that Cheng liked what he saw.


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Nixon has just sent this out saying this is a picture of the other visitor following up his other tweet that one of the visitors was Zhang. This I believe still is Henry cheng. Doesn’t mean he is investing his own money or is involved at all necessarily but he was there at least I think that is him.


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As i suspected it now seems it was not Mr Cheng in the photo but a Mr Zhang according to a hong kong football website
Nixons tweets are a bit confusing - i think he means Zhang is the guy doing the takeover not Cheng but he hasn't seemed to rule out that the other visitor was Cheng. By the looks of it - it is Cheng but it's not out of the question it could just be someone who is the spitting image of him.

The thing is even if it is Cheng he might have been in the country for other business (he apparently has a significant investment in London) and since he's previously had some involvement with IEC may just be friends with Zhang and came as his guest for a day out.

But the flip side is we all know the IEC takeover almost certainly has more to it than we know about judging by the accounts, so maybe Cheng has some type of involvement after all even if he's not buying us outright.

This takeover is so unusual.


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If that’s not Cheng it’s his spitting image.

If it is him, and his family still own a minority stake in IEC, it can only be a positive to see him taking in a Latics game. Better still by all accounts he enjoyed it. Whether it’s direct involvement, or a passing interest, these things can lead to other business associations such as sponsorships and what have you.

It was also good to see all of the current owners and board members sat with the prospective owners. At the very least it suggest a cordial working relationship. Same goes with seeing Royal and his son in the directors box. Better to have a smooth transition.
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Agree totally that it is an unusual takeover and indeed if you look at Mr Zhang s positions On different boards he has links with several companies owned by the Cheng family! It looks like a spider with legs reaching everywhere and it's possible we will never really know how many people and companies are involved in the deal! Interesting times indeed!!


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A question, before IEC was annouced to be the party buyer, wasn't the rumoured K8 supposed to have been interested instead and is owned by the same people, maybe going through IEC was due to K8 being a gambling company and IEC sounds more professional, I honestly believe though the buyer is IEC, I think it's the same men from K8 behind it. If the people match up at least.


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Its quite feasible that even after the takeover is complete we will still be no wiser or have any inkling as to who owns us or how well off or not we are.


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Before everyone gets carried away with talk of Billionaires and thoughts of lots of money coming our way; my mind keeps going back to IEC's recent annual accounts and the chairman's statement to his shareholders, which contained the following; "The directors of the Company believe that the acquisition (of WA) represents a good opportunity to diversify the income stream of the Group and broaden its revenue base for a better return to the Shareholders".

There's no mention about investing (other than purchase cost) which there should be, as a matter of regulation, because of its possible effect upon all shareholders and share price.

Re; Mr Zhang - according to the financial press, he was appointed to the board of IEC to help turn the company around – it's losses have increased 60% in the last financial year.


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It was Cheng (straight fm the owners suite horses mouth) he is not fronting up the transaction but is underwriting it hence some of the corporate validation delays. How much he will lump on tics is of course open to question