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He had a good life!


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I used to love this fella, not just the good life but also in Ever Decreasing Circles which was a proper 'all the family sitting down watching/laughing together in our house' show.


*disclosure: this statement is immediately retracted should they now find out he was a peado.


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Condolences, Clive.
We all largely remember Richard Briers from "The Good Life" and similar light comedy shows. However, I also recall him in an episode of "Inspector Morse" where he gave the definitive performance of a dirty old man who also happened to be an influential university professor.
In other words, he was actually a very good actor.


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My condolences Clive!

RIP both Grandpa and Richard Briars. Yeah like others I can remember The Good life as a young person. TV was so much better then in choice/good comedies etc

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Richard Briers, never saw or heard him give a bad performance, television, radio or stage. Everything he did seemed to be brilliant. Genius.