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Have the NSA ruined the internet?


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I was about to post something sarcastic in the death penalty thread and then I imagined being tried in Guantanamo Bay by those fucktards using my sarcastic posts on VV.

Some woman in 'merica had her house raided by the cops because she was searching for pressure cookers and her husband was looking for a new backpack.

I feel like deleting my shit off Facebook and never posting on the internet again with these fucksticks spying on us in our own homes.

Is anyone else pissed off about this or am I half way to a tin foil hat?


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Rightly or wrongly I decided a long time ago that social networking sites would be used by the security services to monitor anyone using them. I know many people enjoy facebook and others but it was obvious to me that they would be monitored. I made the decision a long time ago that I would not sign up. Now I dont have anything to hide but I would still object to people who I dont know storing information on me gleaned from facebook and the like. Its not paranoia, I just dont like the idea. As for twitter, well I just dont get that at all, what the point. There has been a lot in the news this week people receiving terrible threats. Simple answer dont have an account on there in the first place. Some one said to me its another form of communication. Well dont we already have enough ways to communicate. The worlds gone mad.


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I made a Facebook account in the first place to interact with family abroad and not close by. I use it. I have a Twitter account. I only use it for comping=competitions.

I can't see the point of Twitter unless you want to know whose whose and whose had what for breakfast

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I say nothing online that I wouldn't in the real world or indeed, in court if the situation arose, but the intrusion of authorities isn't welcome apart from in the most extreme of cases.


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JF is right with what he has just said. Like anything though the intrusion is for the good always ends up affecting those it shouldn't, or at least makes us vulnerable to be affected


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astonion - 3/8/2013 12:38

And while we are here we should all say hello to the nice policeman who is monitoring this site.
I will start 'hello Mr Policeman' :18: :18: :18: :18: :18: