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Havant and Waterlooville tomorrow


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Hope I got the spelling right. H and W letting in goals right left and centre and not scoring many. Pools three wins on the bounce. What could possibly go wrong?


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We must be getting In amongst defenders and creating opportunities, as the penalty awards suggest, it’s just a matter of making the right choices in front of goal.

Think everyone should be happy with the improvement from this time last year. Confidence should be high within the group. Particularly going into Tuesday v Barrow, who have lost two on the bounce, leave complacency in the dressing room and should be a positive outcome.

Solihull seem to have turned it around from last term and may prove stiffer opposition, but we have to beat those around us to climb over them, a decent result Tuesday will help.

We’re moving in the right direction, as long as we stay focussed. As soon as we take our eye off the prize we could be in trouble with three points, currently, being the difference between top of the table and mid table mediocrity, from our perspective.


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Yep agree with you, I just think forward players should be more amongst the goals. As I recall, James has one this season and so does Muir.
Taking nowt for granted on Tuesday but Solihull on Saturday will be a barometer game, if we have the nouse to win it, I will start to believe promotion this year is a real possibility. No doubt the start to this season is light years better than last.

Block Sands

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Has Muir got two ? Anyway it seems like he and James are making right nuisances of themselves and hassling opposition defenses making them likely to panic and give away penalties and that other players are able to exploit spaces created. I have a feeling that in previous successful seasons (seems so long ago now) we managed without a star striker getting goals from many different players.


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Not disputing James and Muir are a right handful for defenders and not expecting a star striker(we'd only have to sell him) but we dont score enough goals to make comfortable wins, Noble has said as much in the Mail. If the strikers chipped in with the odd goal it would take the pressure of the midfielders. Here's hoping we can squeeze past Barrow tonight. 1-0 would do me.