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Happy Nimmo Day


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Thanks :14:

It was all going well until I tried to watch the Villa.

The good news was I only lasted 5 minutes and decided we were shite and went for a soak in the bath to ease my hang-over, checked the score later and it proved that I was right to give it a miss :)


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Ha ha happy birthday to you. I hope the hangover cleared up


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James06 - 9/12/2013 10:34

Happy birthday again mate!

Also, not sure where you got that bubble bath from but I've come out in a rash!
It was in a pamper pack I had for my birthday from Bob Warman.


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Should have known! That tight bastard bought a bulk load from latifs.

You better get down the quacks mate, he gave the same to Carl Chinn and he nearly lost his pecker!