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Happy Cheshire Villan Day

Cheshire Villan

Vital 1st Team Regular
Thanks folks I feel honoured. Same as I felt when LinkedIn told me that I was in their top 5% of viewed profiles. Then 5 minutes later somebody told me that it had gone out to 2 million others as well.

So all the 5's - 55. I did set that as the age that I would retire many years ago. Buggered that one up then.

But age does have its benefits - I'm old enough to have been to Wembley to see the Villa 7 times starting with Spurs in the league cup (my Dad told me to treasure the first one as it may never happen again). Been to Rotterdam for the European Cup - pissed in an enclosure at the port for a long time I think. Highbury for the league - what a day and night that was. And some of the best moments of my life took place on the Holte End! If only we could win the FA Cup, or a match actually.