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Happy Birthday "Sid"

Thomas Holte

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Wishing a happy birthday to our very own Mr Gordon Cowans - It was a pleasure to watch the silky skills of "Sid" and I'm proud to have briefly met him once:cheers:

As you would expect the author of the "Jack Reacher" books and fellow Villa fan Lee Child puts it just right:

“I have met President Clinton and President Obama. Tom Cruise flew me in his helicopter. I have had dinner with kings, lords, sirs and Oscar-winning actresses.

“But best of all was an invitation to meet Gordon Cowans at Villa Park. I treasure the memory. No Villan gave me more pleasure to watch. I was glad to get the chance to tell him that.”

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Melon Donkey

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Happy birthday Sid . WHAT a player. How much would he be worth today???.

You won't remember the wide eyed 7 year old with the broken collar bone that met you outside The Hawthorns in the early 80's when I was there with my Baggie Dad to see us play . You were outside with Tony Morley and he ( Tony) threatened to break the other one for me !.


Gone but not forgotten...
A natural right footer who as kid made himself two footed by playing and practicing with his best shoe on his right foot. So he could only use his left or he’d be in trouble when he got home.
sirdennis is right you can’t tell, the only clue is he took pemalty’s With his right.
My all time favourite Happy Birthday Sid


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Lives around the corner from my old man, they use the same boozer and had a tot yesterday, apparently he has a small dog he walks to justify nipping in the pub . Grest company I am told. He said Morley has prostrate cancer sadly