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Happy 50th Birthday VAZ


Vital Reserves Team
Good player remember when he waltzed through the opposition to score in his first game. Still coaching in Greece. Happy birthday. Vaz and Dellas were two of our better overseas players.


Vital Youth Team
TVs Tony McMahon, always ran about a lot and got all shouty for a televised game. Phoned it in when the cameras weren't there. Personified our third tier stay.

Vas was a top player for the little time we had him, offering touches of skill and creativity down the right while Quinn gave us thrust and energy down the left. Vas is also in the alumnus of Blades who leaving us for Derby County did nowt but bad for their career.


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All 4 mentioned are miles better than owd Aussie's hero Nilson tho Blockers dunt ya think?:yes: UTCB
Goes without saying, plus Bradford during his loan spell you can add to the list,all superior to the clown,Dane left trailing in his wake,not once but twice


Vital Reserves Team
Superb free kick taker was Vas...whenever we got one withing 30 yrds of the oppo's goal you always knew there was a good chance of it hitting the target allowing for a follow up goal or going straight in...Happy birthday Vas...:bday:

Rod Currie

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cec was a mate of my dads they were both crown green bowlers but cec was noted for only having one leg lol
My dear owd Dad alluss said SIR LEN was miles better than Coldwell,i only saw Cec at the end of his career but as i've said numerous times SIR LEN was CLASS,wor a trio TC,WOODY and him were.UTCN


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Sir Len was a 'proper' defender and could execute a tackle and come out with the ball cleanly.

I think some of the rest are more remembered/ revered for their marauding attacking play which comes with the position these days.