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Happy 40th you text pests


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Ah yes seen that earlier. We had 1 of the 1st out in 1989. Flipin brick size. We had it cos ex worked on the building sites away some of the time. We were called yuppies for having 1. Yeah now everyone has 1 but not that size I know. LOL


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The Fear - 3/4/2013 12:18

I'm sure Jonah will tell you, mobile phones are what mobile phones are.
I'm not sure I'd go quite that far, but texting is as texting does in my opinion.



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40 years eh ?
Blimey,by the time my old man is 163,he might have learnt how to put a number into his address book !


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DeanoVilla - 3/4/2013 15:24

WHo'd have thought back then that in 40 years time you would be able to fire a bird at a pig. Technology truely is amazing.
Albeit in my case,not very successfully !