Handy Parking - 18/10/16 - iPro Stadium.

I hope this may be helpful to any Brentford fans travelling by road to Derby for the game on 18th October.

Parking is available on 2 sites [100 and 400 yards from the stadium] at £6 per car/van [sorry no coaches].

Presuming most will travel via the M1, leave at JCT25 and then use the A52 towards Derby, about 1 mile past the ASDA/SPONDON exit is the slip road to PRIDE PARK, take care as there is a pedestrian crossing immediately after the sharp bend.

Go past the North end of the stadium to the 3rd island opposite the Clough/Taylor statue and turn right into RIVERSIDE ROAD, the FRENGER SYSTEMS car park is about 60 yards on the right hand side.

For those who may wish to eat/drink before the game, continue along Riverside Road to the PRIDE VETERINARY CENTRE car park which is the last unit on the left hand side, this is handier for the away friendly hostelries [ask attendant Marc for details].

I hope this helps, have a safe journey. :35:


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Doing Barnsley home and away at Derby and Newcastle. Can do a beer at any of them. Bringing a mate from Collioure (English) to Barnsley match. His first visit to the only ground in London he hasn't done.
collioure_bee - 30/9/2016 17:55

Excellent details. Thank you very much. I'll be up there too, Rebel! See you there.

PS, any good fish n chip shops round there, Knabby?
Not on Pride Park, there is a McDonalds at the Meteor Centre [left at 1st island and then 2nd left], big detours for decent chippies.