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Halifax not won for five games and Pools unbeaten away from home. What could possibly go wrong? I am predicting a 1-0 loss but hope I'm wrong.


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Tough one to call, they are unbeaten in five at home, winning four and drawing their last one against in form Orient. Halifax conceding only their second goal at home in that game.

They got done well and truly last week, conceding most goals in any one game this term.
They may be one of two things tomorrow

A wounded animal or
A pushover.

Somehow pools will not allow them to be the latter, after all we are our own worse enemies. I’ve got us for a draw and I’m hoping to get level with alfalf2 who called the right result last week.


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Pleased with the 2-1 win but for goodness sake we were two nil up against nine men and we still couldn't manage to win by more than one goal.

Old Poolie

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A win, is a win!
Be good if we could score a few more goals, but if we keep winning I'm not sure goals scored will matter come season end.