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Hairy armpits.


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Last night I was watching Newsnight and Amanda Palmer was being interviewed. Every time she raised her arms I noticed how hairy her armpits were. Is it just me or does any one else think the same, but I dont like to see women with forests growing under their arms. Maybe its just a man thing.


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The Fear - 23/7/2013 15:41

I'm not that keen on it when mine become forests (which they do!) let alone a lady!
Do you trim?

... Actually lets open this question to all on here. Do you trim / shave (men)?


I don't trim as they have seemed to have made a mutual agreement with me on how long to grow, our pact is as strong as ever and they are not too long. But women with hairy armpits is an abomination of god, they should be forcefully arrested and trimmed without bail imo!


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The only thing I shave is my head and chin/face

I shaved my ballsack, but it was a one-off. The stubbly stage during grow-back was not good.


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Julia Roberts did the same thing. Don't know if she still does. Some celeb recently came out and said she had stopped shaving for a whole year her arms, legs and personal bits..............



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If I was shagging a french bird I'd want her to have hairy pits so it felt like I was getting the real deal, the full continental so to speak.

Otherwise it would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower.


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I remember seeing a film (documentary) and there was woman from some tribe who platted the hair under thier arms, the blokes regarded it as sexy, yuk, the minds gone into overdrive. :10:

The Fear

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There was another thread on this sort of thing recently.

I trim, I don't want to be a walking advert for the Black Forest!!! :3:

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Same. German. Lived in Berlin. Met in Crete. Drove with a mate through holland to Berlin in an old mg bgt.

I can confirm hairy armpits. She played the piano beautifully though.


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Fear you are the only bloke I know who trim armpit hair.

I personally trim my face and nipple hair and shave neck and my balls that is all.
I too trim both pits and down below, but then I'm generally comparable to a chimpanzee for my hirsuteness (except for on my head) so I have to remove some of it or i might suffocate both myself and Mrs North in bed.