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same here mate i use ebay all the time to sell the stuff i have... but theres some things i need to shift before xmas as they are xmas orientated. Just wondered if it was worth giving gumtree a bash too... but if a fair few people say its shit then i wont bother!


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Never bothered with it. Neither does anyone I know. Try Amazon for selling too if you want another outlet. My eldest sold a mobile on their last year


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there are 2 ways to sell on gumtree. Pay to advertise what you are selling - in which case it will get more hits and a better chance of a sale or don't pay to advertise and a few weeks later you still have the item and no interest cos gumtree won't do anything to aid your sale.


Bargain Pages is better than Gumtree Barney dude, Gumtree i have never bothered with like many but Bargain pages is great for selling and buying bargains in pages,,,get it ay ay lol im sooo funny sometimes ffs


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In Australia, gumtree is probably (opinion only) the most popular means of free advertising for goods and accommodation.

Very handy, well used and extremely fast responses. Recently sold a whole heap whitegoods through gumtree within two days of posting.

Edit: and I did not pay for advertising.


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Barney2004 - 22/11/2013 10:26

Cheers folks.

Kk -: is amazon free to list things that you want to sell?
I think so. My lad didn't say he had paid anything. Don't know if you pay anything after like E-Bay. You will need to check that out