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Guess when the next signing will be


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There will have to be 2/3 signings either permanent or season long loans.

1 keeper. 1 or 2 centre forwards depending on whether he keeps Ekuban.


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Well whoever it is it doesn't look like it will be Bartley. Sounds like he and Swansea have had enough of waiting and he is due for a medical at WBA next 48 hours. Hernandez and Vydra want too much wages, Stockdale is trapped in Birminghams transfer embargo and nothing else outside of U23s looks close. Do we have a cash flow problem.


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We know they have the money. season ticket seals and the 49ers investment alone would be 15 million. I cant believe they let Bartley get away. 3 to 4 million isn't asking a lot. its all good not wanting to pay over the odds but there has been a lot of good players snapped up for a decent price.


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Hernandez on a free even at 50.000 a week is £2.600.000 a year on wages. and like I said before a 3 year deal selling him after one or 2 seasons would cover his wages and money in the pot. Vydra at 10 million which it seems we were willing to pay and offering 30.000 a week in wages over 3 seasons is 14.680.000 all in. unless they don't know there maths. I cant see why they aren't pushing to get Hernandez a proven striker who has proved it in this league. if he says no fair enough. but the clocks ticking and getting players to bed in with the rest is starting to run out .


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Just worried with or first 6 matches are against the better teams in the championship. we then could be playing catch up with the rest if we don't hit the ground running.


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Dont worry lads, i am sure some of you can dust off your boots and get a game :)
Wilks gone out on loan now
I suppose it is good to get them off the wage bill and give them some experience. but i hope to hell Des is right and a flurry of signings come in , otherwise our squad looks mighty thin

Cb back and up front look most worrying


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Salazzar most of these in here can only barely dust of their boots to get to the bar.
I hope I'm right too. I'm not doing too well in the other live thread....


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Iam starting to worry, I think we might be lucky and get a couple of loans signings in at the most,and underwhelming at that ,
Just hope Beilsa doesn't think his attacking style tactics will see him through with the present squad,, because it won't ,it's not good enough


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Now Southampton have signed Gunn that means Alex McCarthy becomes second choice and Fraser Forster is available for loan with The Saints willing to subsidise his £65k a week wages. Sounds like a good option to me for Leeds to bring on our young keepers.


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Blackman would want to be No1 as well. We are talking a years loan for 30 year old experienced keeper aas opposed to another young loan keeper with much less experience.