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Guess the stadium game


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Hi Everyone, hope all is well with you all after our great 2-0 away win at Plymouth!

I was hoping to get a little game going here I will do a league table to go with it.

So the game is called guess the stadium, I will put a picture of a random football ground on here and the first person to answer it correctly will get 5 points after that has been answered correctly another picture will go up and so on and so on....

I hope you can all get involved!


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Wow. Never been to Reading. That was a fluke. ;)

I do know the one above though but will hold fire. One of the recent posters (where are you NA ?) should know this.
My sister now lives in Manchester. That my friends is Maine Road. I remember standing on the Kippax for the last game (v Chelsea I think) before it was flattened and they put that stand pictured in it's place. Sad to think it's all gone and is housing now I believe.