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Great season


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Have really enjoyed watching matches this season, albeit via streaming. How great is it, after so many dull years, to have a team whose forwards can score, whose back line can defend, and whose midfield can midfield! There's been accuracy, imagination and flair. Thanks, Dave and all the Team. Good luck in play-offs.


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Have to agree Vic. Pools eh? I just keep thinking I am dreaming. What is going on? Just shows you that if you have a manager who knows about the NL and has been through play offs before it is as good as an extra player. DC what a bloke!


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What a day. That's all I can say really. I think we experienced the high's and lows of a whole season in two hours. Oh the fixtures will make sweet reading this year. UP POOLS.


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Good point, BS. Felt sorry for Torquay who couldn't have done much more. For a change the football gods smiled on us today but it could so easily have been different.
Leyton Orient fan living in Newcastle here......

We went down into the NL together, and I'm so pleased that you're back where you belong. Like us, you've had to endure a lot of heartache in recent years.

Looking forward to a short away-day this next season if we are allowed. You are a proper football club, and have always been (relatively!) welcoming.

Wishing you all the best in 44 of your matches next season.....

Old Poolie

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Thanks for the good wishes N-EO, both our clubs were ill served by previous owners but have, thankfully, come through to fight on.

I think, with the short timescale to the start of the FL season, Pools will be at a disadvantage next season, keeping our first team together will be crucial.