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Great FAT Loss Thread

You fat git!

I am 12 stone 6lbs. Not a disaster considering xmas and New Year, but not great either.

Gonna start on the ECA Stack tonight. Got 4 months till my road trip. Hoping to be down to 11stone 8lbs by the time I go.

12lbs in 4 months realstic Steff, if I stick to the ECA and combine it with 30 minutes a night on my cross trainer and a healthy diet?

My progress has been negative. Afer a great start I hit some personal problems and decided to focus my attention there instead. I'm not currentlyplanning any weight -loss attempts for this year yet but I am trying to live a bit more healthily now so with any luck weight-loss will be a natural consequence.


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DeanoVilla - 7/1/2010 14:24

whatever you say tubby.
Ill make you eat those words (see what i did?) when i wear my vest at the last game of the season and embarrass you with the guns BANG BANG!!


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I've joined a gym, bought a watch that counts the calories burnt off and I am on the lookout for a good cross trainer for sale or a treadmill.

With the mrs being I'll and this motherhubbard earache I've got more use using the gym card to scrape ice off the car, but I am hoping (fingers crossed) to get to the gym Saturday morning and start it all off from there!!
I bought a decent cross trainer from Decathalon in Merry Hill mate.

Had it about 9 months now and its still going. Cant remember how much but wasnt much over £100 I dont think.. Maybe £120/£130 ish?
Here you go -

Mines the VE480 which isn't on there any more, but they have the VE490 which I guess is just the newer model of mine for £169.95



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Benham - 8/1/2010 08:48

Ones with teles on at the gym, was watchin the ashes once and was on there for about 2 hours without realising
my mate works at la fitness in northfield as a pt so I go there, they have a row of teles on the wall, it does help get u through it. Though if the ashes were on I would of been gone in 5 mins. HATE cricket

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less than 1lb a week deano, should be easy as anything really with good diet, less piss ups and some decent exercise!

Great programme I've been watching on sky reality or whatever the channel is called, is American's Biggest Loser... find it just fascinating the state some get themselves into but also the fight some of them show to get out of it and transform themselves.
The Fear - 9/1/2010 19:52

less than 1lb a week deano, should be easy as anything really with good diet, less piss ups and some decent exercise!
Yeah I know it sounds easy, but I usually seem to hit a wall when I get down to 12stone and find it really difficult to lose any more after that. Hoping the ECA will give me that extra push to get below 12stone for a change.

3 days in now, on 1 dose a day and no side effects to report.

If nothing else it works as a bit of a placebo as when I'm taking pills I think more about what Im eating and try to do more excersise too, so its all good.

That Clenbuterol sounds interesting. Might give that a go.


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Day 1 of my fight for fitness and weightloss starts tomorrow. The earache is finally getting better so I feel I can exercise without nearly crying in pain!!

Will keep u posted!

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100% Prepared - 9/1/2010 20:11

I love them programmes

very inspiring, I wish I could get away on an intense course like that.
yup, some of them are great. A few of the diet programmes annoy me as I think their focus isn't right - like the Channel 4 one focusing on calories only and not what is good for you long term but many are inspiring or at least very entertaining and should motivate people.

Only thing that (personally) gets to me is I know I can't do what they are being made to do exercise wise and that I would be doing it anyway because i love it if the brain aches didn't act as an anchor. Then again, it is a challenge and one I usually rise to in order to do the best I can with the limitations, like others who have challenges, it would be easier to give up but I am no quitter.

My main signal is when my trousers get tight! I moved up to some 34" a few years ago then decided I wasn't happy with that so got back down to the 32" that I've been for 20 odd years. That is where I want to stay!

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Start of the 2009 thread had me at 14 stone 1lb (Deano guessed at a 13 1/2 stone)

I'm starting this year at 13 stone 2 lb (down from 13 stone 10 3/4lb on the 27 December 2009 after really slipping!

So quite please to see from 09 to 10 I'm only 1lb shy of a stone down.

Aim this time, same as last year (to be fair last year I had brain taps etc, this year there should be none of that stuff to floor me) is to get to 12 stone then assess if I want to push lower. My old favourite weight was 11 stone but I was in my 20's then, I'm 40 now so 12 stone MIGHT be a more realistic weight to attain and keep at.

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One good thing to do is start reading the ingredients of the stuff you buy.

If you don't know what half of it is then it is obviously chemical shite.

Also look at the % of fat, sugar etc. Visualise what you are actually putting in your body and think about what your body has to do to process this stuff (that has NO benefit at all to you) and to get rid of it.

If something is 30% fat (like some chocolate) then you are effectively eating a flavoured slab of lard, with loads of sugar to hide the taste.

Chew your food lots, think what you are eating and try to appreciate the food and taste instead of being distracted and just scoffing without thinking about it.

Try to eat when hungry, not when you are bored.

All these things got me from 13stone 10lbs to 10stone 10lbs and the opposite, after 2 1/2 years put me back to 14 stone (although to be fair, the brain aches and procedures do have a role to play in my defence!)