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Grand National


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It's that time of the year to have my annual bet with the Grand National being run on Saturday,needless to say that as I bet only once a year i know nowt about horses,anybody else also doing a flutter on it and has a tip?


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I used to have my annual Grand National bet, in fact, I remember the queues inside, and for that matter, outside the bookies on the day itself were generally horrendous. Nowadays, folk are spoilt for choice via mobile apps etc. I bet (see the pun) hardly any who gamble on the nags these days ever venture inside a bookies.

As a born against Christian I find abstinence the way forward. I don't gamble, drink or do anything that may upset those looking down on me.

However, if you embed the runners via this thread I may, just may close my eyes and pick one. No money will pass my hands thou.


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I'm not sure what a born against Christian is Tudor?

Tried to upload the runners but it just says 'File To Big' on my phone,pick a number between 1 and 40 and I shall choose that as one of my horses,I'm having three in total
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#10 sister and my friend both asked me to put a bet on that horse as well,it's odds was 50/1 when I checked yesterday,what do you lot know that I don't :hmmm:

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well in terms of favourites
Tiger Roll 1st and Anibale Fly 4th both 10/1 were technically 2 & 3rd favourites and backing both these horses would have brought you joy.

as it were City won at wembley and that is all the Joy you need another season finishing better than Stretford


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Does playing at Wembley once a season lose the excitement of the occasion?
Traditionally it was reserved for cup finals or playoff finals and something to aim for it you didn't make the automatics,I've never been to the new Wembley but we are in with a chance this year sitting 4th in the league,it would be the highlight of my season should be make it there but I'm not so sure that it would be the same if I had gone to see a league game there