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god arrested ....


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He arrested by Irish gardai on Saturday afternoon after complaints were made that a man was being loud and annoying others near the Tullamore Court Hotel in County Offaly


such a footballing brain going to waste :21:


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I don`t think you can teach what McGrath had.
One in a million.
What a shame he can`t address his drink problem,or doesn`t want to address it.


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Real shame. Last I'd heard he was doing well. Nothing anyone can do for him though, has to be his decision and strength. Really hope he sorts it one day and can just enjoy life and his family before it's too late.


I watched my two uncles both young go down the alcohol route it ain't nice to see what it does to people especially family members so i feel for God's family watching this happan must be hard, really hope he sorts it out as he looked up to by so many including myself,


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Yes Clive is right. It is a family illness. The ex has never gotten into recovery. He is still causing chaos round the world. My lads disowned him. My daughter hasn't and at the moment his behavior again is affecting her. That angers me.

Then I have to remember I have dual membership to Al-Anon which is the support network for families ex partners friends dead sober or alive actively drinking to attend.

I don't go regular their but do stick my head in from time to time.

It is very common in the fellowship for people to stop drinking and relapse. I depends on how they work the program of recovery and sustain it as to whether people relapse or not.