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Goalkeeper situation

The Poacher

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If Aston Villa is successful in signing pantillimon & kapino moves on am I correct in assuming that Smith is our only option?
Of course AK might be looking at another keeper but still at moment we only have smithy?

Sniffer Dog

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According to some chaps over on that new forum, if we lose Pantilimon then more than likely we'll sign Roberto.
For what it's worth I would agree with that.


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If Kapinos and Henderson have both gone then yes Smith would be aour only first team keeper but I am not sure what is happening with either of them.

If Pants does go to Villa then I am not sure who we would go for. Don’t know who Roberto is.


Vital Youth Team
The United keeper on loan at Shrewsbury would be nice!

Henderson. He would be my choice. Very good goalie that gees up the home crowd and winds up the away fans.
I've seen him at one nil up scratching his chin when he meant to be taking a goal kick then turning around in mock surprise when the away fans get pissed off