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Gillingham or the Super Gills
To this club I do belong
One of life's greatest thrills
The Gills can do no wrong

Our colours are of blue and white
Our badge a rampant white horse
Our history proud, our future bright
The Gills are such a mighty force

Priestfield, this is where we play
Where others fear to tread
For every other Saturday
The Gills do surge ahead

We've had our downs, had our ups
Won some titles, been Wembley way
We've lifted trophies, local cups
I just love to watch us play

Some we've loved throughout the years
Hessenthaler and Cascarino
Encouraged on by all our cheers
Simpson, Bruce and Yeo

I love this club with all my heart
Some say we're better than Brazil
From others we're a class apart
It's why I love to be a Gill

How truly awful yet fantastic is that??!!

Not my work, lol. But you can buy a laminated copy for less than a tenner on ebay!!!


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I’ve actually had a poem published in an expensive literary tome. Let’s say it was quite a while ago (I hope you can tell). I think you’ll all agree what a powerful piece of prose it is, and is still relevant today in the current political and social climate.

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That's brilliant, Trev. I love it!

Well that's it you now though, you know? A published poet! You definitely have to be the board's bard!!!

If you could provide us with a new poem every week I think that should suffice! ;-)


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When I was at school I loved history and has been reading about The Bismarck when the English teacher suggested that we write a poem.

mine went
The Bismarck is up to it’s tricks again
Sinking our best ships
We thought the Japanese were bad but the Krauts are worse than the Nips

then it got a bit racist

I got a SEE ME !

I genuinely couldn’t figure out why !


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I wrote a poem about Leo Fortune-West when I was at school.

Can't remember any of it apart from the end: "Leo Fortune-West, you really are the best.

Also did ALL of my presentations on The Gills 😂😂😂

My English teacher (Dr O'Brien) didn't give a fuck about football but humoured me and thankfully I went on to get A at GCSE 😂😂😂😂😂


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Trev, you have given your real name away (other than ******) :ooops:
I know what you mean, but I’m sure most of you know my name already? Not in a “don’t you know who I am?” moment, but through Facebook and shareholder stuff.

The only one I don’t really want my real name up on is Twitter, in case my employer sees me slagging them or one of their stakeholders off. I’m sure they’d have to go far to search me and find this image.