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Gills in the Blood Interview with Jason Brown


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There was a 24 minute video on you tube and the other hour has been added now! Probably the best and most open interview from any former player! Jason talks openly about his depression and many other things! Well worth a watch!
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I saw the first 24 minute bit the other day and thought it was really good, one of the best interviews along with the Carl Asaba one so will give the rest a watch.

Jason Brown was one of my favourite Gills players and in the interview he came across really humble, down to earth nice bloke.

Literally one of my proudest moments ever supporting Gillingham involves Jason Brown. I was at his debut, Nottingham Forest at home, we went 1 nil down early in the game due to a proper cock up from Brown where he slipped on the ball and Forest scored...

At that momment, instead of Gills fans getting on his back and abusing him the whole ground clapped him to raise his spirits. We went on to win 3-1 with Jason Brown having a good rest of the game, and our support that day deserves alot of credit for boosting his confidence it was brilliant.

Credit to Hess also who didn't drop him in the next game for his big mistake and gave him a run of starts until the end of the season in which he then became our number 1 the following season.

Knees up Jason Brown!
A proud moment indeed.


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A really open and candid interview. Talks about so many things, including his struggles with depression. Like Bromley, I loved that forest game. The way the rainham end got behind JB that day was great. I also remember chatting to Jason in the nightclub in le touquet when gills went out for the pre season games many years ago. Very humble and down to earth. Actually chatted like a normal person, although a lot of the squad were like that back then. Another one was Paul Shaw, actually didn’t wanna talk about professional football and was genuinely interested in what we did for a living and our lives.


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Just watched the second half. He was so honest which you have to respect; spoke about hugely personal subjects.

Doesn't sound like our illustrious leader treated him very well though.


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From these interviews it doesn't sound like our beloved leader treats many of his employees particularly well (usually a good indication of bad management). How many time do we hear about contracts being allowed to run down or not renewed earlier enough? This does not even address the perceived high turnover of senior administration at the club.


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I don't think any of them have gagging orders, more that JB doesn't give a f**k.
JD definitely doesn't give a fuck, whereas others clearly have an ongoing relationship they'd like to keep sweet.

What struck me was he asked for a 20% payrise (which was fair enough at the time) and was instead asked to take a 20% pay cut, before moving to Blackburn for £££.

Why couldn't Scally just say we're skint and can't afford to offer you a new deal?!