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Just been looking through an old Hammers programme, last match of the season against Pool 1965, when I noticed that Gillingham reserves were top of the Metropolitan league with a couple of games in hand, so just out of interest did the reserves win the league that season.?
West Ham A, Arsenal A, Spurs A where amongst those in the league along with Chatham, Stevenage and Dartford.
With 38 matches played W29, D4, L5,,, and with GOALS FOR 140, Against 52, . pts 62 , (crikey some goals scored that season!)
4 matches left to play, but with a couple of games in hand.

Presumably the home matches were played at Priestfield, or where they! and the first division A teams were they played on the training grounds.

Could you watch for free? and what sort of attendances were there?


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A year or two later it cost to attend for sure. I think about half the cost of a first team game, which was pretty cheap anyway. I guess that Brian Yeo would have had his fair share of those goals because he didn't really establish himself in the first team until 1965/6 (played 27 games that year & 10 the previous year).


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I thought I'd try Roger Triggs on this one and he didn't disappoint. Emailed straight back with:

Hi Jo
They scored 149 goals in 42 games to walk away with the Met League.
The main scorers wer Brian Yeo 23, Roy Moss 18, Bob Ridley 18, Gordon Pulley 17, Micky Williamson 14, Peter Godfrey 10, Rodney Green 7 and John Ballagher 6.
Good old days!