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Gillingham (h) Saturday 10th March 2018

Make your match predictions below on these areas for Pompey's game at Fratton against Gillingham on Saturday 10th March 2018.

<b><font color='#0E4FB0'>1) Will Pompey win, lose or draw?
2) What the match score be?</font></b>

Example - Pompey to win 1-0.
Pompey Predictions League – table update #35

Over to <b>uspompeyfan</b> with his latest update to the 2017-18 season...

<i>I would love to write about the positive flowing football, the amazing defence and pin point passing that Pompey produce. However, yet again I write after a disappointing performance leaves us a mile away from believing in success and boos ringing around the ground after the whistle blows on another 90 minutes off disappointing drivel.

I have no issue with being a mid table team, but at least let us lose with a degree of pride and provide those who pay good money to see effort, some return on investment.

Chris 1954 has been picking up points, predicting a series of defeats, while Dasha also picked up 5 points. With both players in mid table, the top of the league shows no change as Morgan continues to lead Blue Exile by 5 points with USPF a further 5 points back.</i>

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If you want to see the table via the forum thread <a style='color:#0E4FB0' href='' target='blank'><b>click here</b></a>.